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Dear Sinner is a Gothic Metal Band .Sounds like a mixture of gothic metal and new age with classical & romantic influences.They founded in 2000 by Vocal Pianish and Guitar Win (Navin) and Drummer Nott (Jeerasak) Originally named is Las Meninas , Jessica , Seraphin until changed to Dear Sinner in 2007.

They started with sounds like death & black Metal mix electronic from computer in first album Love No.1 in 2001 .Hyde founded the independent label Sin City Record (Later change name to Mythnice Home Studio in 2010).Win is main songwriter , lyrics , Sound and product.He got influences from black metal and J rock band .Old band member is Win (vocal,guitar,keyboard)/ Oor (guitar lead)/ Nott (drum)/ Tom&Love(bass) .

In 2002 Band changed new lineup at that time consisted of Win (vocal,keyboard)/ Chui (guitar lead)/ Sorn (bass)/ Nott (drum)They released their 2 album Oversea .This sounds in album like speed metal mix J rock .

In 2003 Win & Chui started out as a speed metal band and J rock towards a power melodic and gothic metal sound .Lineup changed Sorn to Tua .This year they released their 3 album Tale (in own label : Sin City Record)

In 2004 Win started his first project .He want experiment new style of music (J rock,dance,ballad,romantic and new age) .In 2005 Win released his first duo album Feel and Symbolic.

Dear Sinner came together in early 2007.New look to Gothic metal style & New age .Pain join with team on Female vocals .New lineup at that time consisted of Win (piano,keyboard,vocal)/ Pain (Lead Vocal)/ Chui (guitar)/ Tua (bass)/ Nott (drums & percussion).Dear Sinner updating new album.

In 2008 Dear Sinner start activity about music again. Pain resigned from band for continue to study.Ning join with team on Female vocals .New lineup at that time consisted of Win (piano,keyboard)/ Ning (Lead Vocal)/ Toon or Nhong (be invite guitar)/ Daw (bass)/ Nott (drums & percussion).In 2009 Dear Sinner released 3 single : Song for sinner / Fallen angel / Alone .They released CD single promotion for give free with Fanclub in live concert at Live House.

In 2010 Dear Sinner finished full album - Sin .This album'll sale in February and Live big concert at Overtone

In 27/3/2010 Daw resigned from band because He won't play metal music.Nhong join with team on Guitar.New lineup at that time consisted of Navin (piano,keyboard)/ Ning (Lead Vocal)/ Toon or Win (be invite guitar or Bass)/ Nhong (Guitar)/ Nott (drums & percussion).They live concert at Overtone and Dear Sinner released their first album in the name of Dear Sinner.Sin is name of album and sold out only 2 month (CD 200 pack)

In 2010-2011 Dear Sinner start activity about music again. Dear Sinner live concert at Rock pub / Immortal bar.Yew join with team on Chorus vocal .Dear Sinner live without main Bass member but Kan, Bo, Gun be invite guitar or Bass .They're best supporter .

In 14/2/2012 Kwanjai join with team on PR Manager of band. Note join with team on Bass

In 15/3/2012 Dear Sinner releaed their EP album : Dark To Light .Artwork product of Dark to light is Pop up 3D. It is special limited edition CD for their Fanclub.In 2012-2013 They still show concert in events and record sound for new album : Faith which this album 'll release in mid 2014 year.

In May 2014 Dear Sinner releaed their full album : Faith .Faith is second album of band

Now! Dear Sinner waiting for next live and They inventing new song.See you next time all Sinner

Dear Sinner band


Win, Hyde ( Navin Permprayoon ) : Piano, Keyboard
Ning ( Sivaporn Rattanamalakul ) : Vocal & Chorus
Yew ( Navarat Tangpaiboon ) : Vocal & Chorus
Nhong ( Yongsilp Phatthanasuphong ) : Guitar 
Nott ( Jirasak Chaon ) : Drum and Percussion
Note ( Nakarin Phanitwong ) : Bass

Supporter all time : Kwanjai : PR Manager of Dear Sinner. Contact Kwanjai at : Facebook

Dear Sinner SinDear Sinner Dark To Light EPDear Sinner Faith
Dear Sinner old album

2000 - Single Marionette and Strom (In the name of Las Meninas)

2001 - Album Love No.1 (In the name of Las Maninas)

2002 - Album OverSea (In the name of Jessica)

2003 - Album Tale (In the name of Seraphin)

2004 - Navin Project Duo Album Feel & Symbolic

2009 - 3 Single Fallen angel/ Song for sinner/ Alone (In the name of Dear Sinner)

2010 - Album Sin

2012 - EP Dark to light

2014 - Album Faith

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